Earn money for testing websites, right from your couch.

We connect tech startups with qualified candidates (you!) who are looking to tests apps for an extra bit of cash 馃挵

(it takes about 60 seconds)

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How does it work?

  • Apply as a candidate

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  • Receive user testing requests to your email

    Companies email you to schedule user testing sessions and offer incentives.

  • Get paid directly from companies

    Companies will pay you anywhere from $10 to $50+ (USD) for your time.

What do you need?

Becoming a user tester is simple. You can use every day things that you already have access to!

PC, Laptop or Phone

Wi-Fi / Internet

Free Time

A Quiet Area

New to user testing?

No worries, here's some basic definitions so you can have a better understanding of user testing.

User Experience

noun: us路er ex路pe路ri路ence

A term for describing the experience an app or service provides for users. Also referred to as UX.

Usability Testing

noun: us路a路bil路i路ty test路ing

A method used by technology companies to ask particpants to perform a sequence of tasks that gives them feedback about how a product gets used.


noun: pro路to路type

A representation of a real user experience that helps companies see how you might interact with their app.

User Feedback

noun: us路er feed路back

A description of what a user has experienced while testing a product.

Other questions?

How much money can I earn from signing up as a User Tester?

It's possible to be paid anywhere from $10 to upwards of $50 (USD) for a user test. It can depend on the total time and number of tasks a company might ask you to perform.

How do I get paid?

Various companies offer different payments and rewards for conducting user tests. Since we don't handle payment processing, make sure to ask any company that reaches out to you how they plan on sending your payment.

Do you handle payment processing and scheduling?

No, UserTesters.io only connects qualified candidates directly with companies who are looking for people to test their product or service. Once a company reaches out to a candidate, it is expected that both company and candidate negotiate payment and scheduling.

(it takes about 60 seconds)