What is UserTesters.io?

UserTesters.io is a two-sided marketplace that connects technology companies with candidates who are interested in earning extra income by participating in a usability test.

What is a usability test?

Usability tests are a method commonly used by user researchers to help inform them about how a software gets used and determine if the experience is usable and enjoyable.

Why do researchers need to run usability tests?

Creating a website or an app costs companies a lot of money. By running usability tests, it helps companies make sure their investment is working the way they intended to. It is a great way to understand how real users might experience the website or app that a company is designing.

What should I expect?

Usually the user researcher will ask the participant to perform a series of tasks to see how they would interact with an interface.

Here’s a breakdown of how the entire process might occur:

  1. Companies will email you to ask if you’d like to participate in a usability test with them.
  2. If you say yes, you will work with the company to determine what time and date works for you both.
  3. The company will schedule a session and then ask you to either participate in a call or video conference with you to run the test.
  4. During the call, a user researcher (usually the person conducting the session) will ask you to perform a series of tasks and some questions are what you’re thinking as you interact with the interface.
  5. Once the session is finished, the company will conclude the call and follow up about payment.

Here’s a checklist of questions to ask before agreeing to a test:

  • How long will this test take?
  • How much will I be paid?
  • Will my session be recorded?
  • What devices do I need?

How much money can I earn from signing up as a user tester?

It's possible to be paid anywhere from $10 to upwards of $50 (USD) for a usability test. It can depend on the total time and number of tasks a company might ask you to perform.

How do I get paid?

Various companies may offer different payments and rewards for conducting usability tests. Since we don't handle payment processing, make sure to ask any company that reaches out to you how they plan on sending your payment. PayPal is generally the most common way of sending a payment.

Do you handle payment processing and scheduling?

No, UserTesters.io only connects qualified candidates directly with companies who are looking for people to test their product or service. Once a company reaches out to a candidate, it is expected that both company and candidate negotiate payment and scheduling.